What features are available to me with Dropbox Business?

Sookasa and Dropbox Business provide a seamless joint solution for cloud storage, secure collaboration and data encryption compliance. As the Sookasa and Dropbox Business admin, you can connect your Dropbox Business account to our service to enable our premium features such as File Scan, Audit, and auto-add of team members.

File Scan

File Scan gives you the ability to scan your entire Dropbox Business team’s files to unearth sensitive information. From the File Scan tab of your Dashboard, you can choose from the default Sookasa policies (e.g., Social Security and credit card numbers) and/or create your own custom keywords.

The results will show you the number of files that are protected with encryption, files that are not encrypted, and those that are exposed and flagged with sensitive content. With a click of a button, you can immediately take action to ask your team member to secure the flagged sensitive files within Dropbox.



Dropbox Audit gives you full visibility into all the shared folders on your Dropbox Business team. As an admin, you can instantly see which users are sharing folders internally and externally.



Simply navigate to the People tab, where you’ll find a button to invite your Dropbox team. You’ll be able to specify which one of your Dropbox Business users need encryption, and Sookasa will automatically send them invitations and guide them through the process of setting up their Sookasa account.

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