How do I uninstall Sookasa from my computer?

You won't be able to access encrypted files without the Sookasa app installed, so before you uninstall, please make sure that you've decrypted all the files within Sookasa. 

On Mac: From the Applications folder, right-click on Sookasa and choose "Move to Trash." Then, right-click the Trash and select "Empty Trash."

On Windows: Open the Control Panel on your computer and go to Programs. From there, navigate to Programs and Features, select Sookasa, and click "Uninstall."


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    Colleen Gray

    This does not work. The app says it is open and cannot be moved to the trash. I deleted the plug in the load at login and still cannot delete. Uninstaller please?


    For other mac users. If you cannot delete the app because it is open, you can set up another user on your mac, log out of your account, log into the other user and delete the app from there. Don't forget to go into your Library to delete other Sookasa crap. And your System Prefs to turn off the auto login of Sookcrapa.

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    Tiffany Pietrowski

    So somehow ALL my documents are now .sookasa and I have an influx of clients not being able to open it and now I cant attach these files to my clients because it only wants a .pdf file. This is ridiculous. I need to know how to remove all the .sookasa from all my clients except those who have shared their files with me. 


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    Colleen Gray

    Here is another way to uninstall. I did not try it but thought I would share here since the instructions posted above DO NOT WORK on a mac.

    I apologize for the inconvenience. If you have trouble uninstalling Sookasa by moving it to the trash, please feel free to try uninstall this way:

    1. Go to Applications, right click "Sookasa" app
    2. Select "Show package contents"
    3. Go to Contents > Resources > double click uninstall.command
    4. Enter admin password and hit Enter
    5. Restart your computer


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    Teresa Ramirez

    there are 2 different uninstall commands.  i tried both but the screen to enter admin password doesn't open.  what next?

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    Gérald Lechault

    Easy way on a Mac:

    • Go to Sookasa in the Applications Folder
    • Ctrl click on it
    • Open the package
    • Trash the whole Content Folder
    • Go back to Applications and Trash the Sookasa app
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