How do I access a file from my Sookasa folder via an Internet browser?

From your Sookasa Dashboard, navigate to the Access tab. 

First choose the cloud service where your encrypted files are stored. Then, from the pop-up window, navigate to the file you'd like to decrypt, and select Choose or Select.

The files you select will be decrypted on our server and downloaded securely via SSL to your computer.

Bear in mind that this process creates an unencrypted copy of your file, which will not have Sookasa encryption protection.

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    Heather Salvatore

    this is not working for me either!  My files are all grayed out?  I also can't open them on my computer.  I get an Oops... An error occurred. 401/-1 . 


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    Faith Kelly

    this is NOT working!  i can't access my dashboard from the app icon, from my profile, from this link... from anywhere that i can find.  


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