How do I configure Sookasa with a different cloud service?

You can activate encryption for either cloud service under our app’s Preferences. Right-click on Sookasa’s app icon in the toolbar, select Preferences and go to the Account tab to choose which cloud service to enable on your device.

For Sookasa to work properly, ensure:

  1. The Dropbox or Google Drive application is installed on your computer, with syncing turned on.
  2. Your Dropbox or Google Drive and Sookasa accounts are connected. If you need to connect your cloud account, sign in here, scroll down to the Cloud Accounts section, and connect.

Note: if you switch the cloud account on your app but already have files in Sookasa in the other cloud service, those files will remain encrypted in that folder. However, the Sookasa folder there will no longer encrypt new files. Only the Sookasa folder in the current cloud service will do that.


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