Does Time Machine back up Sookasa files?

Sookasa does not currently support Time Machine. Before you run Time Machine to back up your files, please add Sookasa to the list of items excluded from a Time Machine backup. This will preserve your encrypted information. 

To exclude Sookasa from a backup:

  1. Open Time Machine
  2. Click on options in the right hand corner
  3. Click on '+'
  4. Exclude Mac > Users > Your user folder > Dropbox > Sookasa
  5. Click on '+'
  6. Exclude Mac > Users > Your user folder > Library > Application Support > Sookasa
  7. Click on Save.

You can learn more from Apple Support.

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    Alex Sandrow

    It sure would be nice - to have a Time Machine backup option. We use this Mac function regularly - and it would be great to have this functionality in Sookasa as well.

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    stephan keiler


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    James Li

    Agree. How do we backup Sookasa files then? Manually?

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    Steven Kaplan

    How does adding Sookasa to the list of excluded items preserve the encrypted information? it seems to me what it does is just not backup sookasa encrypted files, but does not perserve anything - it keeps it the way it is without any backup.

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    James Li

    Would appreciate a staff person response from Sookasa re whether Time Machine just doesn't backup any files, whether the backup decrypts the files, or whether it backs up encrypted files that no longer are decrypt able. Also any word on a repair for this problem.

    We went with Sookasa to add protection to our most important files. Not being able to back them up defeats this purpose altogether.

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    Celia Wong

    Hi everyone,

    The instructions above excludes the Sookasa folder from Time Machine's backup, but if you would like to backup your encrypted Sookasa files, we recommend quitting the Sookasa app before running Time Machine. This way, your Sookasa files stay encrypted when they're backed up. To access the backup files, you'll simply run the Sookasa app and sign in to the authorized account on that computer. Hope this helps!


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    Cindy Ikeda

    So if the app is running when time machine backup occurs, the files in the Sookasa folder are unencrypted?

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