How do I use the Sookasa Android app to open my encrypted files?

Once you've downloaded the Sookasa app to your Android, you can work directly from your Dropbox app, Google Drive, email, or any other application to open and view encrypted files. 

To open your Sookasa encrypted files in Dropbox and Google Drive:

  1. Open the Dropbox/ Drive app
  2. Tap the file.
  3. Choose to "Open with Sookasa".
  4. Select "Always".

The next time you open an encrypted file, your device will know to use the default Sookasa app. You can also lock your Sookasa account directly from the notification center. "Touch to lock your account" will require that you sign back into Sookasa the next time you try to open an encrypted file. 

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    Richard Johnson

    Can anyone give me a clue how to edit encrypted files on my Android device? Obviously the Dropbox builtin editor isn't an option. Is there a 3rd party editor which integrates with Soosaka?

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    Sookasa Support

    Hi Richard,

    I apologize for the delayed response. Any editor will work with the files decrypted by the Sookasa app.

    Examples: Hancom Office 2014, Polaris Office, Office Suite 8.

    Best regards,

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    Douglas Keim

    This doesn't work in Google Drive on Android 8.1. When I hit "Open with" Google Drive just attempts to preview the file and never presents me with an option to choose a default app. I checked my app permissions and there is currently .sookasa is not listed as having a default app set.

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    Fred Marion

    I try to open files on my Android phone in Drive/Sookasa folder  but get "This file type is unsupported."  I never got that message before.

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    Michele Piccolo

    Me too. I try to open files on my Android phone in Drive/Sookasa folder but get "This file type is unsupported." And the option "Open with" doesn't let me associate the Sookasa app as the default handler of encrypted files. How can we fix this?

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