How do I share Sookasa sub-folders on Dropbox?

After adding authorized team members or partners on Sookasa (details here), go ahead and share folders with them on Dropbox or Google Drive. Giving others authorization does not actually share any files or folders with them. It simply tells Sookasa that you've granted permission for those people to open any encrypted files you share with them through Dropbox or Google Drive.

To share a folder with a Sookasa user, head over to the Folder tab and select Share securely next to the encrypted folder you'd like to share. We'll ask for the email address of the person with whom you'd want to share.

If this person is not already authorized by you, we will ask if you want to start a team with the people you added. New team members will be added to your team's billing account and audit logs.

Then, we will direct you to Dropbox or Google Drive, where you will invite the collaborator to join the folder by entering their emails.

Once your collaborator accepts the folder invitation, this folder will appear in their Dropbox or Google Drive account. If your collaborator is a Sookasa user and has connected her cloud service and Sookasa accounts, Sookasa will automatically move the newly shared folder into her Sookasa folder. Shared folders should live in Sookasa so that all collaborators can work with the encrypted files.

If the shared folders are not automatically moved into Sookasa, your collaborator should move them manually. It's important that shared folders are moved, rather than copied, because copying breaks sharing.

To move the folder to the Sookasa folder from Dropbox or Google Drive web, right-click on the folders and select "Move" to place them in Sookasa. 

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