How do I set up a team on Sookasa?

A Sookasa team is a work group composed of team members and managed by a single admin. Once you add your colleagues as your team member, you'll be able to share folders with encrypted files with them.

After creating a Sookasa account, you can add members through the People tab to create a team.

  1. Select Add people
  2. Enter the email addresses of the people you want to authorize
  3. Select Yes, add to team to add a member to your team or No, sharing only to authorize someone to share encrypted files only. 

When you invite another person to join Sookasa, you become the admin of the team.

An admin is a designated team member who manages the accounts of all team members through her Sookasa Dashboard. The admin can add or remove team members and partners, block team members' devices from accessing encrypted files, and access the team members’ Sookasa folders. In addition, the admin can audit the team’s activities and track the team’s files and folders. The team admin will also be centrally billed for all team members' plans. 

Invited team members will receive an email with a link to join your team. 

The link will lead to the Sookasa website where a new user can register with a Sookasa account. Existing users can simply accept the invite to the team.

After signing up, the new user will receive a confirmation email to activate their account. Once the user has registered, they can accept the invitation through their Sookasa Dashboard under the People tab.

External Partners can also be added to the team by selecting Add people and No, sharing only.

Partners are trusted colleagues who are not part of your Sookasa team. Partners are people you have authorized on Sookasa to access encrypted files. Once you share encrypted files with them, they will be authorized to open them. Likewise, if these partners share encrypted files with you, you will be permitted to open them. No files are shared between yourself and your partners by default. You will have to explicitly share files and folders using your cloud provider.

If you are part of a team, partners that you invite will be able to open files that anyone on your team shares with them. The opposite, though, is not true: If you are invited to partner with someone, they will only gain access to your approved files, but not to your teammates' files. Any Sookasa user can add or remove partners, and a team admin can add or remove partners related to the entire team. 

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