I quit the Sookasa application, but I can still open Sookasa files. What should I do?

Quitting the Sookasa application does not sign you out of the app on your device. When you double-click a Sookasa file, the app will be automatically reopened and you'll be prompted to enter your password before you can gain access to the file. 

To prevent access to your files, please sign out from the application.

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    Nanette de Fuentes

    How do I sign out from the app that is my problem?

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    Celia Wong

    Hi Nanette,

    Sorry for the delayed response! To sign out from the app, right-click on the Sookasa icon, select "Preferences," go to "Account," and then click on "Sign Out." This should sign you out of the application completely.

    Hope this helps!


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