The files in my Sookasa folder look ordinary. Are they encrypted?


We worked hard to preserve a seamless experience even as you work with encrypted files. 

You can pull back the curtain on how we do it by quitting the Sookasa application or accessing your Sookasa folder on From there, you'll be able to see that your encrypted files actually have a .sookasa extension. The extension facilitates natural interactions with the files, as well as automatic decryption and encryption whenever necessary.

As long as the Sookasa application is running on your computer, your secure files will look like any other file. Although they seem ordinary, the files are in fact encrypted on all of your devices and in the cloud.

*If, for whatever reason, your files do not have a .sookasa extension when viewed on, please drop us a line at, and we will help fix it.

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    Jeffrey Wittmann

    I am still confused. When I look at my Sookasa file the files all open easily as if nothing was ever done to them. I thought that one advantage of Sookasa was that if I lost a device the files couldn't be opened by the "thief." Why can I open them so easily? Doesn't that mean a thief could?

    Jeff W

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    Lior Gavish

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the question! Sookasa does help you protect against device theft in two important ways:
    1. Using your dashboard, you are able to instantaneously and remotely block access from a stolen device. Once you do that, there is no way for anyone to access files from it.
    2. With the automatic logoff feature, you will be prompted for a password whenever accessing a file after periods of inactivity. Therefore, even if you do not block the device, a thief would only have a very short window - if at all - in which they can access your files.

    I hope this helps!

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    Mike Korner

    I'm still confused, too. The contents of my Sookasa folder open easily as if nothing was ever done to them. Two questions to check my understanding:
    1) So, if a virus copies the contents of my Sookasa folder, what gets copied ... encrypted files or unencrypted files?
    2) If I run a backup, what gets backed up ... encrypted files or unencrypted files?

    Thanks. Just trying to understand what I am really thinking of buying.

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    Celia Wong

    Hi Mike!

    Sookasa's free Personal plan (which you're currently subscribed to) does not include the automatic password prompt like the Compliance plan. With the Compliance plan, you'll be prompted to enter your Sookasa password to unlock the app after rebooting your computer and after a period of inactivity. Would you like a free trial of our Compliance plan?

    To your question about viruses copying your Sookasa files—that depends on the state of the Sookasa app. While the Sookasa app is locked , a virus trying to read the encrypted files will likely fail upon our password prompt. When Sookasa is unlocked, however, viruses might be able to access the decrypted data.

    With regards to running backup programs, we made sure the most popular programs backup the encrypted data. However, less popular softwares may be incompatible with Sookasa and attempt to backup the decrypted files. Do you have a specific backup program in mind? You can try quitting Sookasa before running the backup so the backup files are in their encrypted form.

    If you have additional questions, please email us at


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    Mike Korner

    Thanks Celia

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    Donald Maurice

    After moving a folder from my Dropbox into the Sookasa folder, the files in that folder are NOT being encrypted. I have waited a day and still no .sookasa extension. However, files uploaded into the Sookasa folder are being encrypted.

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