How do I collaborate with other Sookasa users?

Collaborating with other people on Sookasa is simple! There are just two steps.

1. Add the person with whom you want to collaborate.
Adding someone as an authorized user is the first step to allow that person to decrypt files you share with them. Remember, adding them to the list doesn't actually share any files or folders. This just gives them permission to open encrypted files that you eventually share via Dropbox or Google Drive. 

To allow someone to your list, navigate to the People tab on your Sookasa Dashboard. Select Add people. Add the people you'd like to authorize by entering their email addresses.

We'll ask if the person you wish to add should be billed to your account. Select Yes, start team if you will be responsible for their subscriptions to Sookasa, or No, secure sharing only if they will be paying for their own subscriptions.

The person you have just invited will receive an email from us with a link to join you on Sookasa. If your collaborator doesn't yet have an account, we'll initiate the setup process. They can sign in if they already have a Sookasa account and accept the invitation on their Sookasa Dashboard. Once your invitation has been accepted, your collaborator will be able to open the Sookasa encrypted files you share with them.

2. Share folders with collaborators on Dropbox or Google Drive just like you always have. (You can find more details here.)

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