How can I edit a Sookasa file on my iPhone/iPad?

To edit a file in your Sookasa folder:

1. Sign in to the Sookasa app
2. Select the file
3. Tap the "Open in..." button and select an editing app

When you are finished editing the file, please touch the share icon and tap the "Open in..." button in the editing app to save the file back to Sookasa by choosing "Open in Sookasa". Select the file's original location as the destination and choose "Upload". The edited file will be encrypted by Sookasa and stored back to your Sookasa folder.

Please note: when you open a file for editing in another app, it leaves Sookasa's control. Some editing apps may leave traces of the file, and so are not recommended for use with Sookasa. Whenever possible, please make sure to delete any local copies of the file from the editing app after you've uploaded them to Sookasa.

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    Martha Thweatt

    I can view the files in Sookasa from my iPad but when i try to edit using Excel it creates multiple copies of the file. Ive contacted support but apparently there is no fix.

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    Noelle Seaunier

    I am having trouble locating an app to edit in.  I have them on my iPad but they don’t show up for me to open in.  Any ideas?


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