How do I share different folders with different partners/team members?

You can share folders and change permissions depending on individual collaborators using Dropbox and Google Drive. Think of it this way: Dropbox and Google Drive manages sharing and syncing, but Sookasa manages the keys to your locked, encrypted files. 

Most Sookasa users share files via Dropbox and Google Drive's shared folders feature (here's how to create them). You might have multiple shared sub-folders within your Sookasa folder, and each can be shared with a different person or group.

You can also drag existing shared folders into the Sookasa folder in order to encrypt them and make your work secure and compliant. When a folder gets created and shared with you on Dropbox or Google Drive, it will appear in that particular cloud account as its own folder.

As always, Sookasa needs to know that you and collaborators have authorized each other to actually access (or decrypt) the files you've shared. You can give someone permission by designating them as a partner or team member on the People tab. We'll await your cue to actually make files available to them. From Sookasa, choose the specific shared Dropbox folders that should be accessible by them. 

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