What is Sookasa?

Sookasa provides seamless Dropbox and Google Drive encryption and compliance to protect your information at the file level, so it's safe both on the cloud and on all your devices. 

With Sookasa, you can share encrypted folders and files natively through Dropbox and Google Drive or by sending Sookasa secure links—even to those who don't have the cloud services or Sookasa. We give you total control over who can access your files, so you can easily authorize collaborators or restrict access to specific files.

Your files are always protected—even if you’ve lost a device or no longer wish to share your files with someone you previously authorized. You can prevent access from any device with a click of a button. What's more, Sookasa allows you to centrally audit file access for all your encrypted files—even after they’ve been downloaded to devices or shared externally. 

Sookasa complies with all required HIPAA safeguards, and we've passed extensive third-party security and HIPAA audits to prove it. We also sign Business Associate Agreements with covered entities.

Sookasa is a Silicon Valley start-up founded by security experts from Stanford and Technion–Israel Institute of Technology. Sookasa is backed by top investors, including venture capital firms Accel Partners and Andreessen Horowitz. Our Board Members include Sameer Ghandy, the Accel Partner who’s invested in Dropbox and Dropcam, and Kirk Bowman, the ex-VP of Sales at VMware. Our Advisory Board is headed by Taher Elgamal, the CTO of Security at Salesforce, the author of Elgamal encryption, and the “father of SSL,” the Secure Sockets Layer protocol for encrypting information on the web.

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    john widman

    I cant reload sookasa and it is not in the app store.


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    Stacy Ginn

    Don't sign up. It doesn't work and I have tried for 3 years get them to stop billing me.

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