Why do my files sometimes look normal, but other times they have .sookasa extension?

In the latest versions of Sookasa (version 3 and above), encrypted files look the same as unencrypted files. So when Sookasa is running and you are logged in, the .sookasa extension will not appear on files inside the Sookasa folder. We hide these extensions when you’re logged in to create a user seamless experience.

But the existence of these extensions is key: They automatically call the Sookasa application to decrypt secure files the moment a you need them, so you never have to think about how to open your files. 

If Sookasa is not running, you will see the .sookasa extension on encrypted files within the Sookasa folder and outside our folder. On Dropbox web, you will always see the .sookasa extension in the file name of encrypted files. When Sookasa is either locked or is not running, you will need to authenticate into the app to read the encrypted files. 

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    Eric Staal

    how about telling us how to authenticate into the app to read the encrypted files when it wont open?

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    Graham Creasey

    How do we get Sookasa running? I've installed in on a Mac but it won't run

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    John Chan

    I have this issue as well while evaluating Sookasa for a client.

    When I use the Sookasa shortcut to enter Sookasa folder, it is fine.

    But when I use a shortcut to a folder within Sookasa from the sidebar, the .sookasa extension is showing.

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    Heather Salvatore

    I'm having this issue as well.  I just did a factory restore of my mac and reinstalled my dropbox and sookasa.  However, Sookasa will not open.  Any idea how to fix this?  I've already uninstalled it and did a reinstall as well as doing a restart of my computer.  


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