How do I set the automatic logoff period?

Please go to the Account tab on your Sookasa Dashboard and navigate to Settings. Click on the drop-down menu under "Automatically sign out of dashboard after" to choose your preferences. Please note that only the team owner can change the preferences for the team. 

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    stephan keiler

    but that only works with fee-based plans. A definite deterioration compared to Safemonk which has been shelved and whose developers refer users to Soo now.

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    Sookasa Support

    Automatic logoff is indeed a part of the Sookasa Compliance plan and is not included in the Sookasa free plan.

    Note however, that Safemonk did not have any automatic logoff period. Moreover, the free version of Sookasa has many additional features not available with Safemonk. To mention few: server side encryption, the ability to identify and decrypt encrypted files outside the Sookasa folder, sending secure email links and getting secure file delivery to/from non Sookasa users, etc.

    Finally, Safemonk has been a project of Safenet and conducted an independent investigation to select a recommended replacement to their discontinued service. Sookasa was selected by Safenet as the best solution suggested to its users but Sookasa is an independent company.

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