What HIPAA safeguards are only available in the Pro plan?

Our free Personal plan offers the encryption capabilities mandated by HIPAA, but full HIPAA compliance actually has several other requirements on top of encryption (if you'd like to learn more, check out the HHS website).

Here's what the Pro plan offers on top of encryption to enable full HIPAA compliance:

  1. Complete audit trail. HIPAA requires the ability to audit all data accesses and changes made by anyone to any file. The administrative central dashboard plan allows you to easily manage and audit all the accounts in your organization.
  2. Device lock / expiration. HIPAA strongly recommends locking out devices and applications automatically after periods of inactivity. These features are all included in the Compliance plan.
  3. Access control. Sookasa's Compliance plan allows you to block access to devices if they are lost or stolen. Device loss and theft is the no. 1 cause of HIPAA breaches investigated by HHS. We also make it easy to block a user in the event that they're no longer part of your organization.
  4. Emergency access. We offer a web dashboard as a secure way to access sensitive material in an urgent situation.  

If you don't need the full range of HIPAA safeguards, you may want to use our Personal plan, which offers the same approach to encryption. 

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