How do I cancel my paid plan?

After your initial trial period, you will be automatically downgraded to Sookasa's Personal plan if you do not enter any payment information. 

If you've already provided your payment details and want to cancel, we're sorry to see you go! But you can change your plan in a few quick steps:

  1. Go to the Account page of your Sookasa Dashboard
  2. Switch to the Plans and Billing section
  3. Click the "Downgrade to free plan" link

You can also remove any linked information such as your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts from the Account tab.

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  • 2
    Steven Samuels

    what if I have the free service and want to cancel immediately due to a host of issues with Sookasa and terrible customer support support? also want to make sure that  terminating free subscription will not affect my files. Help!

  • 1
    Crystal Delker

    I have had the worst experience with Sookasa. After encrypting a bunch of files I was not able to unencrypt and open them. I spent hours on the phone with the engineer and he was never able to figure out the problem and all those files were lost. I verbally requested that my account be cancelled and to receive a refund. The engineer assured me that would happen. That was a year ago and after having finally recovered from the massive file loss Because this product not only didn’t work and caused massive damage, and finally moving on with life, what do I see? Another $100.00 charge from this company even though I was assured that at least they would cancel my account. Now the help desk person is telling me they won’t refund my money because there is no record of my cancellation request. I went into the account that was supposed to be closed to follow their instructions and there is no way to remove billing information, even though that is their step #2 instruction. At this point It seems to me this company just running a scam!

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    Stacy Ginn

    I have been trying to deactivate this account for almost 3 years. It is not connected to anything, my card is no longer even valid but every time I have asked them to quit sending me notices my payment didn't process I get the same old response. Don't even know what they do or why I was signed up on it and charged $10 per month.

    Sooooo. This company got bought out in 2016. Check the blog on main site. Maybe someone should start a class action because it looks like what they have done is continue to collect residuals off of people who signed up years ago and can't seem to make them go away. $10 per person per month is a lot of money. That's fraud in my humble opinion.

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