How do I cancel my paid plan?

After your initial trial period, you will be automatically downgraded to Sookasa's Personal plan if you do not enter any payment information. 

If you've already provided your payment details and want to cancel, we're sorry to see you go! But you can change your plan in a few quick steps:

  1. Go to the Account page of your Sookasa Dashboard
  2. Switch to the Plans and Billing section
  3. Click the "Downgrade to free plan" link

You can also remove any linked information such as your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts from the Account tab.

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    Steven Samuels

    what if I have the free service and want to cancel immediately due to a host of issues with Sookasa and terrible customer support support? also want to make sure that  terminating free subscription will not affect my files. Help!

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