Can I check whether people accepted my invitation to become partners or team members?

To check on the status of your invitations, navigate to the People tab on your Sookasa Dashboard.

Use the Team members tab to check on the status of invitations to team members. If someone has accepted your invitation, you'll find them in the Current tab that's nested within the Team members tab.

If they haven't yet accepted the invitation, you'll find them in the Pending tab.

If you'd like to see where they got stuck, look to the right of each person's name on the Pending tab. There, you'll see a status bar that indicates how far that individual is along in the Sookasa setup process. Click Remind if you'd like to send that person an email to remind them to join. If you made a mistake and need to revoke the invite, you can click on the gear icon at the far right.

The External partners tab works the same way, and shows the Current and Pending External partners in nested tabs.

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