How do I decrypt entire folders?

On Windows and Mac (Sookasa version 3.X.X):

From Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, simply drag the folder and drop it into any location outside of Sookasa when the Sookasa app is running. The contents of your folder will be automatically decrypted. 

If you've moved the folders out of Sookasa when the Sookasa app was not running, simply start the Sookasa app, right-click on the folder and select 'Decrypt'.

On Windows (Sookasa version 2.X.X):

Right-click the folder and select 'Decrypt folder' from the menu.

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    David Evans

    Perhaps it is just on my particular operating system, but taking it out of the sookasa folder into the regular dropbox folder does not strip the sookasa shield off of the folder. I thought it would, and that was first thing I tried, and was surprised that it didn't immediately strip it. So even outside of the sookasa folder in dropbox, sookasa was still encrypting these files/folders.

    I had to decrypt the entire folder (which took quite some time), and even then, when I did a search within that dropbox folder for certain kinds of documents (in this case all orders entered by the court by key word "order"), the search returned results that had the sookasa extensions and badges (even though the files had been moved out of sookasa folder and decrypted and did not appear to be encrypted when not part of search results).

    again, could be just curious fact of my set up, but the inability to move files in and out of sookasa with no remnants and inability to preview files in the preview window from windows explorer when you are working within sookasa folder is very inconvenient, almost to point of rendering use of sookasa completely impractical for legal applications.

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    Sookasa Support

    Hi David,

    Sorry for the late response. There is a particular case of a shared folder which is more challenging then a regular folder.

    If you share a Dropbox folder both of you need to take the folder out of Sookasa. Otherwise, the file you decrypt will be encrypted by your partner who did not move the folder out. In addition, your shared folder partners need to be authorized partners on Sookasa so you will be able to decrypt their files. If this is not the case, your side will only make a partial decryption.

    Best regards,

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    Bruce Campbell

    I had the same problem and nobody has responded to my support request.  I have been dealing with this for 72 hours, so yes, the late responses seem to be a trend.  I want to remove the encryption and get to my content.  

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    Trevor Nightengale

    What is the issue with Sookasa?? I have been unable to access my files for a week! I just keep getting error code 400. I have made repeated requests to support and all I'm being told is that they are aware of the issue. This is a major issue if customers can't decrypt their files

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