Should I add someone to my Sookasa billing account?

If you try to share secure Sookasa files with people without first adding them to your Sookasa Authorized People list, these people won't be able to open your files. This is for your protection: Once Sookasa encrypts files, we will only allow authorized collaborators to access and read it. You can let us know that it's OK to allow other people to access your files by adding them to your list of authorized list on Sookasa. 

Should I add people to my Sookasa billing account?

  • Yes, add to my account: You would typically add people to your account if they are part of your organization. This authorizes anyone in the team to open files that are shared internally among members of the organization. Team members can also share encrypted files with people outside the team as they see fit. The team admin can fully audit and manage the accounts of all team members—including those outside the organization with whom they share.
    • Note: Once you add someone to your Sookasa team, you will be charged for that user's subscription cost. Depending on your team's current payment plan (monthly or annually), you will be charged a pro-rated value for this user's subscription.


  • No, we only need to share: This option is typically used for collaborators external to your organization, who will be responsible for their own subscriptions to Sookasa. Partners can open the encrypted files that you share with them, but they cannot share those files with others without your permission. Their account will not be managed by you, but you'll be able to audit all access to your files. 
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