How do I access files without an Internet connection?

If you anticipate needing to work with encrypted files when you don't have an Internet connection, simply enable offline access on Sookasa. Here's how to do it.

Before you go offline, right-click the Sookasa icon in the menu bar, and select Enable Offline Access.

Your offline access keys will then start downloading.

Once the keys are cached, you can work offline with your encrypted files.

For your protection, offline access will be blocked after 48 hours of offline work. This period can be customized through the Settings section of your Account tab on your Dashboard.

The Sookasa application may occasionally request your password to make sure you are authorized to access files on the offline device. This protects your privacy, and prevents access in cases of device loss or theft.

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    Pamela Drury

    How do I sync files after working offline? I tried opening a file on another computer the next day and I didn't see any of the changes.

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    Lior Gavish

    Hi Timothy,

    If you've installed the Sookasa app on your computer, you should see a Sookasa icon in the tray (Windows) or on the menu bar (Mac). Right-clicking it will pop up a menu with the "Enable Offline Access...".

    Please let us know if this works!

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    Celia Wong

    Hi Pamela,

    After editing your files while you're offline, please make sure that you save the new version in Sookasa. Once the computer you used to work on your files offline goes back online, Dropbox will sync the changes to your other devices.

    Hope this helps!

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    Timothy Perrin

    I do not see any menu that gives me the option to "Enable Offline Access..."

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    Damian Sempio

    Can I enable offline access on my IPAD?


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